CRC Rental is one of the services of the Clinical Research Center

The first Clinical Trial Site Network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

WHY do we do what we do?

We want to offer doctors and sponsors of clinical trials a service that changes the way we look at drug testing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, especially in outpatient treatment, and enables larger number of doctors and patients to participate in clinical trials, while meeting quality and safety requirements.

HOW do we achieve this?

We remove barriers and minimize the administrative burden imposed on the doctor and his team when conducting a clinical trial. We increase the capacity of the medical center, the quality and timeliness of data transfer. Communication becomes easier for the patient and his questions are answered almost immediately.

WHAT do we do?

Since 2016, CRC has been building a network of doctors in the Czech Republic & Slovakia, interested in participating in clinical trials. Cooperation with CRC coordinators will help you to manage your increasing administration workload as well as to better understand the process of clinical trial. Our coordinators are also outsourced to hospitals and larger medical facilities. Today, we are based in more than 100 medical centers.

In 2020, the owners of CRC founded the sister company CRC Home Care for the possibility of performing clinical studies in the patient’s home environment.

CRC also offers doctors and partners – sponsors or sponsors of clinical trials the opportunity to lend and rent equipment for conducting clinical trials.
This service is offered by CRC under the CRC RENTAL brand.

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