Assistance with selecting an adequate device

Based on your individual requirements, we will prepare a rental price estimate for the suitable equipment to find the best and most cost-effective options for your study. When selecting a device, we offer a consultation taking into account the study protocol. Let us know what medical and laboratory equipment you require, and we will immediately confirm the shortest possible delivery times, taking into account whether the product is in stock or whether we will purchase the equipment for you.


Instruments should be calibrated before the first use in clinical trials and re-calibrated regularly thereafter. We will arrange a calibration and re-calibration service for all rented devices as well as regular safety checks. We also monitor the necessary re-calibration dates for you.


Transport of medical equipment needs to be handled with special care, to avoid unexpected inconveniences (e.g. inappropriate handling, unpacking or return). We offer delivery of our medical and laboratory equipment using specialized couriers to one or more locations, depending on your requirements. CRC will arrange the pick-up and deliver the equipment to the agreed place (laboratory or doctor’s site). The device will be unpacked and installed to a place per your request. We will arrange pick-up of the device once the clinical trial is completed.

Packaging management

Packaging management is also part of our service. Depending on your requirements, our freight carrier will take care of the removal and disposal of the packaging, so there is no need to store large transportation boxes in your office or laboratory to return the equipment, as storage space is always an issue. Once the clinical trial is complete, we will provide appropriate packaging, and the freight carrier will arrange the pick-up of the device and return back to our warehouse.


Our customers are very often required to demonstrate the training of the staff on equipment used in clinical trial – especially considering their complexity. CRC offers and provides training that can be held on-site or online, upon customer’s requirements.

Provision of required documentation

We provide our customers with all required product documentation, including manuals and related instructions, according to applicable legislation.


According to customer’s requirements, we can arrange additional equipment insurance during clinical trial period, considering initial cost equipment, its utilization and working conditions.

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