Rental of medical equipment for effective clinical research

CRC Rental is one of the services of Clinical Research Center – a registered distributor of medical devices for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Rental period adjusted
to the actual use of medical equipment

Payment for equipment & services
without any unexpected charges

Payment for equipment & services
without any unexpected charges



  • We have many years of experience in clinical trials. We offer support and help selecting the right device. Our due diligence and expertise prevent unnecessary losses, choosing an unsuitable device. 
  • Thanks to our own warehouse and long-term relationship with equipment suppliers, we offer very short delivery times.
  • We can further increase your efficiency and flexibility. We offer a single point of support in regard to transport, insurance, calibration, packaging management, training, documentation, etc., to meet all your needs.
  • Transparent communication and process information flow would contribute to further reduction of your administrative and other unexpected costs.
  • No need to allocate your finance to equipment you might not utilize after the conclusion of your studies. There is no need for you to allocate valuable space and energy in your own warehouses.

We are here to help you create a positive and safe environment for patients, control overall costs of your team, and allow you to focus on your clinical trial goals. We look forward to working together to find reliable, flexible & fast solutions, based on the requirements of your team & clinical trials. A timely equipped medical center is the key to a successful execution of clinical trials. Also, even if the device is out of order or there’s a power outage during the trial period. Situations like postponing the start of clinical trial or earlier termination won’t surprise us.

We guarantee that all our suppliers and rented equipment meet the highest quality standards. 

Rely on a trustworthy partner to ensure that your equipment arrives on time and properly calibrated/validated throughout the rental period. 

Renting medical equipment eliminates high initial costs and massive investments in equipment of approved clinical trial centers and reduce your storage space. 

We are ready to look for reliable, flexible and fast solutions together, depending on the requirements of your team and clinical trials. 

Radek Špatenka Ph.D.

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